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November 2019 – Trendington

A European Discussion around the hottest trends in science and technology

Do you want to influence the future of European Technology?

Around 40 really hot technology trends have been pre-validated, and we are now getting feedback around them from multidisciplinary experts. The result is aimed at directly influencing research funding policy at the European Level for the coming years.

Participate in the open consultation for the identification and prioritation of most promising emerging trends with highest impact potential in Science, Technology and Society!

Energy, Environment & Climate Change

How where the ~40 pre-validated trends detected?

We run a Top-Process with, so far, the following steps:

  1. Human-based detection of signals;
  2. AI-based analysis of signals and building of pre-validated FET trends;
  3. Human-based refining of pre-validated trends / Detection of players and sub-trends.

The result from these 3 first steps is a (1st version) list of high-probability FET trends, that will be kept alife by continuously updating and enriching it. Then, there are 3 extra steps:

  1. Open consultation, in which you can take part from 24/06/2019 until the end of October;
  2. (In prallel to 4) Mapping amongst FET trends and UNO’s Sustainable Development Goals, for leveraging the RRI perspective (Responsible Research and Innovation);
  3. Organisation of the Trendington with experts to select the 15 most promising trends within the FET context.

Additionally, we have Bottom-processes for each of these steps. In relation to the second step, titled “AI-based analysis of signals and building of pre-validated FET trends”, the added-value brought by AI is summarized in:

  • It gives very relevant input to the labelling sub-process (building trend titles from signals);
  • It gives crucial/key input for a data-based pre-validation of trends, to be complemeted with the human-based validation within the open consultation. On the one hand, a multi-variable scoreboard allows us managing the subjective nature of FET trends and uncertainity behind technology foresight. On the other hand, it is complemented with a multi-query process, through which loops of ontology-enriched queries are launched to Linknovate’s platform(one of PREFET’s Partners) in order to detect flaws, strenghts, experts, relationships… Through this process, the platform also helps identifying relevant key-words that make more effective queries.


What is the Trendington?

A biannual one-day event convening top experts in prioritised long-term technology trends and RRI, with the objective to narrow down and finish ranking opportunities intoa list of the 15 most promising trends in ICT, Health & Life Sciences and Environment& Climate Change.

During the 1st half of the event, this list will be prepared in a closed-door session with experts using specific technology forecast methodologies and scoreboards, and starting from the ~40 pre-validated trends assessed during the open consultation. While Artificial Intelligence and data-evidences will be used to avoid potential human-bias (for example related to self-experience aspects), experts will provide the human sense, perception, and creativity we consider critical for achieving landed propositions.

The second half of the event will be an open-door session of informative talks and workshops related to trends evaluation results, as well as the promotion of methodological platform services, including the IdeAcademy. Not only will paying attendees get access to extremely valuable ‘fresh’ information about which emerging technologies and trends have the highest potential, but they will also have the opportunity to learn about and potentially participate in the IdeAcademy and other services offered by the larger PREFET project.

Save the date for the 1st edition! 21/11/2019, Madrid

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