PREFET Expert RRI System for User Evaluation

Based upon the experience of applying the RRI Workflow for the creation of D2.4 we subsequently built new (RRI Intensity level tool, RRI Advisory tool)  and adapted existing (RRI maturity tool) tools to operationalise the RRI Intensity level methodology.

In our methodology we use RRI Intensity level to indicate the level of RRI oversight deemed appropriate, and we then equate that to the RRI Maturity level of organisations. To facilitate this an additional tool was found to be necessary to help evaluate a research organisation’s observed RRI Maturity level. This tool was an extension of an existing tool used by the ORBIT project ( to evaluate researchers’ perceptions of their own experience of RRI. By extending this tool to allow assessment of a research organisation’s apparent RRI Maturity across a wide range of RRI related factors, we open the door to that measure becoming an important factor in the evaluation or monitoring of projects.

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